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Lorraine Chittock, British-American, has lived in seven countries and traveled 40-odd more. While working in Egypt as a magazine photographer she crossed the Libyan Desert with 200 camels. In Kenya she adopted two street dogs, returned to California, turned a van once used as a surveillance vehicle into a mobile studio and drove the length of the Americas. She now has a cabin in Chile. Lorraine is the author of five books & countless magazine articles on the bond between animals and humans. She is the creative force behind Rallying for A Wild Life.

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Nicole Espinosa is American, has traveled in two countries and is a mother of two. She was a script supervisor in Hollywood for years before focusing on designing motorcycle accessories so she could be an at-home mom. She is currently a freelance travel writer, a contributing editor for a motorcycle magazine and does healing work. She also organizes Horizons Unlimited meets for motorcyclists and overlanders world-wide. A year ago Nicole, sold it all, and is living on the road on her motorcycle, paving the way for her kids to travel the world with her in a sidecar.

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Tiffany Coates, British, is the world's foremost female motorcycle adventurer having crossed every continent solo or with a hapless pillion rider on the back. She has gone to higher altitudes and ridden more kilometers than any other woman. Tiffany was the first male or female motorcyclist to cross Asia on all three classic routes. A freelance international guide, she is always on the lookout for new places to explore. When not out on a bike, Tiffany is a youth worker who specialises in working with the most disadvantaged children and their families.

Frozen by world news?
Warm up with us.

Lorraine, Tiffany and Nicole, after flying into Kenya with little more than motorcycle helmets and purple body paint, will circumnavigate the largest lake in Africa - VICTORIA. The result?

an estrogen charged adventure film.

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Scroll over our map of East Africa for surprises!

We want to see how wild our lives get by navigating using a different kind of compass.

As the three of us moto goddesses ride you through the myths and realities of darkest Africa, escorting you from mud huts to shopping malls to music festivals, our motto is:

People/animals need help? We help.

It's going to be a WILD RIDE.

We also have our eyes on three big projects:

pawprint.gif 1-Giving a motorbike to a ranger to pursue poachers,
pawprint.gif 2-Taking orphans into a National Park to see WILDLIFE,
pawprint.gif 3-Getting a GPS collar on a lion & building a corral for livestock. Why? To protect people, livestock & lions.


Explore why wild is essential for our souls and how to get more.

Come experience A WILD LIFE.

A generous benefactor who believes in the film
Rallying for A Wild Life
has gifted us funds to get us on the road.
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Huge thanks to these people too:
~PINK TIE delivery company in Kampala for Lorraine's Hartford Sirius motorcycle.
~Uganda Motorcycle Adventure for Tiffany's bike.
~John Colyer for GoPro camera loans
~John Paget for Qatar Airways upgrade for Lorraine.
~Nile River Lodge in Jinja, Uganda.

If you would like to contribute to the projects above or a situation we come across on our travels, we invite you to go to our Indigogo Generosity Campaign
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